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Mosi is Top International Beer

Posted Feb 14, 2011

Zambian Breweries Group Technical Director Ian Mackintosh said yesterday that Mosi was picked after the company decided to take part in this year’s event and submitted samples in the World Beers and Soft Drinks Selection category.

Mr. Mackinstosh said the award is a pure confirmation that Mosi is a high quality product which is not only internationally acceptable but also superior in taste considering that it was subjected to competition from other international beer brands.

The Gold Award is awarded to products that obtain at least 80 percent of the points. Other awards include the Grand Gold Award (at least 90 percent); Silver Award (70 percent) and the Bronze Award (60 percent).

He said Mosi is brewed from carefully selected Brewing materials that meet the stringent quality requirements as demanded by our Zambian Brew masters. The quality standards are recognized by the world renowned body of brewers at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD).

“Mosi was randomly selected from amongst the finished batches and sent to Belgium, where a panel of experts petted Mosi against other international beers. It was at this grand occasion where Mosi was found to be outstanding and hence being awarded the Gold medal,” Mr Mackintosh said.

“Mosi Lager is especially formulated to suit not only the Zambian but also international beer lover. Its formula is a unique blend of high quality malt and high quality locally produced and processed maize. The final product is a light smooth, easy to drink lager with a pleasant bitterness coming from the best hops.
It’s brewed through stringent adherence to process and product quality, under supervision of specialized personnel with a passion for a good beer,” he added.

He said the last award given to Mosi in the previous competition was a bronze Medal and that achieving a Gold medal in the stiff competition demonstrates that Mosi is increasingly being appreciated world-wide.

The Mosi formula has remained the same as originally formulated by Zambian Brew Masters

Mr. Mackintosh said all Mosi drinkers should now feel even more encouraged to remain loyal to the brand and that this should also be the turning point for all those who have been sitting on the fence to “make the change” and turn to Mosi. The beer should now prove to be the first choice for the international traveler and visitor.

The Monde Selection Beer & Soft Drinks Awards obtained in the framework of the Quality Selections constitute the most tangible acknowledgment of producers’ efforts in preserving and maintaining the highest level of quality for their products.

Mr. Mackintosh said Monde Selection has been awarding companies and their products for over four decades.

A qualified experienced and specialised panel of jury has been assessing the quality of food and drink products for decades now. Each and everyone of these jury, based on their experience but also on the Monde Selection qualified grading system will test and analyse the products presented to them. Monde Selection has over the years been able to count amongst its Juries various prominent professionals all of whom are eminencies in their fields. The wealth of experience of the jury makes an Award by Monde Selection all the more Exclusive.
For the Beers, Water, Soft Drinks and Non Alcoholic Beverages Selection Category, Monde is supported numerous brewery and alcohol specialists; professional tasters; professors and university lecturers; press professional reviewers; specialty judges and chemists from a diversity of countries.

The competition takes place annually in Brussels at which internationally renowned brewers from all over the world submit their own style of beers to this panel of judges. The beers are then analyzed and tasted in the absence of the owners of the beers.